MAY 23 2006

Weed. By name alone, it doesn’t really sound like the most enticing place on earth. But if you were confined in a stuffy London apartment, aching to get to California to begin work on your new record, then Weed would look like utopia. Because Weed, California, is where Sylvia Massy Shivy’s studio sprawls over a converted vintage theatre. The studio that contains the very desk through which Led Zeppelin recorded The Song Remains The Same.

With that in mind, you might even get so excited about the prospect of travelling to Weed that you’d write a song about it. That is exactly what The Casanovas did.

‘California’ is the second single to be lifted from the second album by Melbourne rockers The Casanovas, All Night Long. Based on a guitar riff by drummer Jordan ‘Jaws’ Stanley and a longing-to-leave-London-lyric by guitarist/vocalist Tommy Boyce, ‘California’ adds to the rich heritage of immortal songs inspired by California dreaming.

Anyone who’s ever set foot in California will understand how its vibrant, sun-bleached cities and colossal landscapes have inspired such great music. Everything is oversized - widescreen. The mountain ranges soar into the vast blue sky, lurching over the coruscating Pacific coastline. And there’s that sunshine – perpetual sunshine. It shifts perspectives - stretches your concept of possibility.

And besides, the West Coast sound is infamous. It’s where you go if you want to make a thumping rock record.

‘California’ is all these things encapsulated in under four minutes. Damo Campbell’s vocals soar like those mountain ranges, whilst the guitars sparkle and crash like the Pacific Ocean. It’s an anthem of escape, of opportunity. A mantra to wail next time you’re feeling trapped, oppressed, disheartened. Try it now…

“Where I’m going, nobody knows my name. Far away in sunny California.”
Feel better, don’t you?
The Casanovas 'California' Out July 8th through Rubber/Shock.