All Night Long

Rubber/Shock: RUB217

Format: CD/LP

Released: August 2006. Australia

  1. Born To Run
  2. Shame On You
  3. California
  4. All Night Long
  5. I Don't Want You Back
  6. Too Much
  7. Heartbreaker
  8. Doghouse Blues
  9. Ain't Coming Down
  10. I Thank You*
  11. Overload
  12. Produced by Sylvia Massy Shivy & Rich Veltrop.

    Recorded at Radiostar Studios, Weed, California

    Engineered & mixed by Rich Veltrop. Addtional engineering by Kale Holmes. Assisted by Cecil Gregory. Additional guitar on 'Shame On You' recorded at Fatsound Studio, Melbourne, Vic. Engineered by Barry Stockley

    Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering, Hollywood, CA.


    Tommy Boyce: Guitar/Vox
    Damo Campbell: Vox/ Bass
    Jordan 'Jaws' Stanley: Drums

The Casanovas - U.S Release

Format: CD/LP
Released: September 2005 U.S.A
  1. Livin' In The City
  2. Break Your Heart
  3. Heartbeat
  4. Here's To It
  5. No Time For Love
  6. 6. Shake It
  7. Runnin' So Late
  8. Strange Dreams
  9. One More Time
  10. 10 Outta 10

Produced by Shane O’Mara.

Tracks 1,2,8,10 recorded at Sing Sing Studios

Engineered by Matt Maddock & Shane O’Mara

Tracks 3,4,5,7,9 recorded at Sing Sing Studios and Fatsound, Melbourne

Engineered by Matt Maddock, Shane O’Mara & Barry Stockley

Track 6 recorded at Hot House Studios, Melbourne

Engineered by Craig Harnarth

Mastered by Steve Smart at 301 Studios, Sydney

Tommy Boyce: Vox/Guitars
Damo Campbell: Vox/Bass
Jordan ‘Jaws’ Stanley: Drums
Patrick Boyce: Drums

Terra Casanova

Released date : 30 July 2015
  1. He's Alive
  2. Terra Casanova
  3. Hotel Sunrise
  4. Cold Metal
  5. Slug
  6. Just Because
  7. Chick Leg Blues
  8. Full Circle
  9. Day in Day Out
  10. Oriantal Woman