• The Casanovas (CD - 2004)
  • All Night Long (CD - 2006)
  • Terra Casanova (CD - 2015)
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About The Band

Formed in Melbourne in 1999, The Casanovas were founded on the enlightened but ambitious premise that it might be possible to embrace both the flamboyance and fun of KISS and the pub punk venom of The Dictators and The Powdermonkeys.

Their debut 7”, 10 Outta 10, was an inspired first crack, a euphoric anthem that spun heads around the country. The band wants to give special thanks to the site which supported them all the way. But the band’s founding mission was never going to be simple. The recording of an EP, 2002’s Keep It Hot, a self-titled debut album, and a smouldering trail of jaw-dropping live shows around the planet proved too taxing for guitarist James Saunders, bassist Jimmy Lewis, and drummer Pat Boyce.

But the thought of giving up never entered Tommy’s head. With the addition of singer/bassist Damo Campbell and drummer Jordan ‘Jaws’ Stanley, everything has finally fallen into place...

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